Late Summer World Peace Assembly & Holidays
on the Island of Hvar, Croatia

Meditators on Hvar


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Events and Courses September 2014

·  European World Peace Assembly (WPA), 13-27 September 2014

·  Culture, consciousness and Natural Law: Living Unity in the Field of Diversity, with Drs. Chris and Ann Crowell, 19-22 September 2014


Vrboska from the air
WPA location - Vrboska on the Island of Hvar, Croatia

13 – 27 September 2014 Vrboska, Hvar

The tradition of WPA’s on the beautiful island of Hvar started in 2002, near the oldest Croatian city, Stari Grad, founded 2500 years ago by ancient Greeks. The Greeks called it Faros, which means “light”. These WPA’s attracted hundreds of course participants, year after year, and we were delighted to revive this tradition in 2012 and 2013 with the European Young Meditators' Conference, WPA week with Raja Felix, talks on Brahma Sutras with Prince Blücher, Global Peace Initiative Conference, courses in Maharishi Ayurveda, VedAroma Therapy, and the Model of Vedic Vedic Physiology.

During the WPA you will enjoy historic lectures by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and presentations by Dr. Chris Crowell and Dr. Ann Crowell from the Ministry of Religion and Culture of the Global Country on World Peace, about CULTURE, CONSCIOUSNESS and NATURAL LAW - Living Unity in the Field of Diversity.

Come and enjoy deep knowledge and experiences, beautiful nature, crystal clear sea and lovely beaches (with sea still warm for swimming!), delicious food and blissful company of like-minded people from many different countries. Accommodation is in modern villas with proper orientation and the scenic environment of Vrboska – a peaceful small town situated on the north side of the Island Hvar.

Island of Hvar is regularly elected as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world. More on the island HVAR: film by the photographer Ralf Uicker.

Young Meditators on Ramadani yacht
European Young Meditators' Conference in 2012 on Hvar

Living Unity in the Field of Diversity
19 - 22 September 2014

Presented by the Ministry of Religion and Culture of the Global Country of World Peace, featuring historic lectures by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

'Cultural Integrity means all those values which are necessary to culture life, and to live life spontaneously in the direction of evolution. The result of cultural integrity is happiness, affluence and harmony within the nation, and complete impenetrability from any disturbing influences from outside. Cultural integrity is, therefore, the foundation stone of invincibility for the nation.'—Maharishi
This course brings the understanding of how Consciousness-Based Culture can meet the crucial challenges of today’s ever-changing world. Topics include:
• What is Consciousness-Based Culture and how can it create peace in a world of differences?
• Is it possible to maintain one’s cultural identity in an increasingly globalized world?
• What is the basis for cultural conflict and what can be done to prevent it?
• What is the importance of cultural traditions and mother tongue in promoting personal enlightenment?
• How does culture connect individual and cosmic intelligence?
• What five fundamentals are essential for cultural integrity?


From the rain forests of Latin America to the deserts of the Middle East, from the mountains of Europe to the islands of the Pacific, Nature structures life in specific channels of intelligence, which promote life in each environment. A vital culture offers a unique connection between our indvidual identity and cosmic destiny. However, never before has culture been so challenged as it is in today’s globalized world. One sees every nation struggling to maintain its cultural identity. In addition, increasing cultural diversity is creating enormous social pressures that break out into conflict again and again. Everyone should know how the principles and practices of Maharishi’s Consciousness-Based Culture can simultaneously preserve mankind’s precious ancient and diverse traditions yet promote progress in a world of peace and unity.


• Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Cultural Integrity
• Cultural Integrity and Enlightenment
• Cultural Integrity and World Peace


This course is led by Dr. Chris Crowell, Minister of Religion and Culture, and Dr. Ann Crowell, who have worked extensively with Maharishi to bring his programmes for cultural integrity throughout the world.

Dr Chris CrowellDr. Christopher Crowell (Netherlands) is Director of International Program Development for Maharishi University of Management, USA; International Director of the World Federation of Traditional Kings, Switzerland; and a Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, a consortium of educational organizations in more than 100 countries that are working to promote peace and prosperity through Consciousness-based education.
He has traveled to over 35 countries on development projects to strengthen cultural diversity while empowering local partners to create social harmony and national unity. He holds the following degrees: BA in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley; MA in Higher Education Administration from Maharishi University of Management, USA and a DSCI from the Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland.

Dr Ann CrowellDr. Ann Crowell (Netherlands) is an International Director of the Global Country of World Peace and Director of the World Federation of Traditional Kings. She has extensive experience in broadcasting, media, health, education and program support.
She has traveled throughout the world on development projects with a special focus on culture, consciousness, and social coherence.
She has a BS in Audiology from the University of Iowa and a DSCI from the Maharishi European Research University, Switzerland.

Prices for WPA
including Housing, Meals and Course Fee

Prices are per person (in Euros). Meals include lunch and dinner every day of your stay. Tourist tax is included in all prices. All apartments have mini kitchens where you can make your own breakfast. Warm milk is served at the end of each evening meeting. (Note: there is no refund for no-show on lunch or dinner).

Full WPA prices for one or two weeks

Type of accommodation

1 week
13-20 Sept. or
20-27 Sept.

2 weeks
13-27 Sept.

Single in the dayroom* of an apartment (all inclusive)

€ 380

€ 700

Single in the bedroom of an apartment (all inclusive)

€ 430

€ 800

Single in an apartment (all inclusive)

€ 520

€ 980

Please note: Each apartment consists of a bedroom and dayroom. *The dayroom (living room) is the main room in the apartment and has less privacy than the bedroom - the course participant living in the bedroom must pass through the living room when coming and going out of the apartment and to use the bathroom.


First please fill out our online application form.

Payment: A down payment of at least 20% of the WPA price is required no later than 1 August 2014. The payment should be made to the following bank account:
Savez za transcendentalnu meditaciju, Zeleni trg 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia,
IBAN: HR2423600001101421358, SWIFT: ZABAHR2X.

Cancellation: If a written cancellation is received latest 30 days before the WPA starts, 75% of the advance payment will be refunded on request. If the cancellation is received 15 days before the start of the WPA 50% will be refunded. There is no refund for cancellations in September (or for “no-show”).
For questions please email us at

Lavender fields on Hvar

Ocean near Vrboska
Hvar is a beautiful island with many gorgeous bays and turquoise blue water for swimming, with lush vegetation and historic towns.

Hvar sunset


Map of Hvar

The Island of Hvar is easily reached by ferry (1 hour 40 min) from Split – the second biggest city in Croatia with an international airport. Inexpensive flights to Split (or nearby Zadar) are available from many European cities.

Vrboska bay

The course location: Vrboska on Island Hvar, also called “Little Venice”, is a sunny island town surrounded by great natural beauty – pristine beaches, fragrant pine forests and crystal clear sea. It is possible to organize a half-day trip to city of Hvar on the last day before leaving.

Course location

Course participants will stay in two-room apartments, in a recently built tourist villa with perfect north entrance. All other activities, including course lessons, meals, and group programme will be conducted in the same or another nearby building.

Jai Guru Dev

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